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Dear Sirs / Madams,

It is a pity that the formula for calculating bladed wind turbine power developed by scientists worldwide

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, which has been applied in the manufacture of bladed wind turbines up to now (January 2017), is wrong. The root of all mistakes has been the wrong assumption that the wind velocitiesv upstream of the wind energy extraction device and v 2 downstream of the device are in the same direction as the velocity v 1 of the wind field. As we observe a pinwheel in a colored airflow, we can see that there is turbulence in the wind both before and after the pinwheel. This means there cannot be a fixed value assigned to the wind velocity upstream and downstream of the wind turbine as scientists have assumed. Therefore, the assignment of a value to the wind velocity so that it can be used in other physical equations is actually a fallacy that should be revealed to pave the way for the development of wind energy industry.

I am, therefore, sending you a document proving the invalidity of previous studies on wind turbine power as well as my recent invention regarding bladed wind turbine power for your judgment in hope of making a contribution to studies on wind energy, a field that calls for much research that I myself alone cannot handle.

I’m also sending you a table detailing different angles of attack for variable speed wind turbines so that you can build and trial the turbines (In the invention PCT/VN2015/000007) As soon as you experience an increase in wind turbine power and see the validity of the new invention, you can contact me for access to the invention PCT/VN2016/000002, which aims at building fixed speed wind turbines. The development of this type of wind turbines is significant in lowering the costs of harnessing wind energy (about 10 times lower than the current costs).

I am really looking forward to your co-operation for a more developed wind energy industry, reduced energy costs and a more effective fight against climate change.

Upon receipt of this letter, please inform related agencies so that together we can make a better world.

Yours truly,

Lai Ba At